Expanding My Observing Programs

Last year, I wrote about my first steps into the world of Astronomical League Observing Programs. Having recently completed the “Lunar” program, I decided to expand my observing books to also include:

“Northern Skies Constellation Program”
I am not very good with names. Be it people or stars. This observing program should help to familiarize myself with the constellations and some of the major stars that form them. I particularly enjoy the observing programs that require some sketching, and after 39 Northern Constellations, I should be a good bit better at recognizing the night time sky. To assist me in these observations, I have purchased a “Planisphere”. As a child, I could never match these correctly with the stars. I’m hoping for better results in my 30’s.

“Galileo Observing Program”
Retracing the history and observations of the man who birthed the hobby is the purpose of this observing program. From the Moon to the Sun and the planets, the goal is to recreate the observations of Galileo. This one involves a variety of challenges that I am greatly looking forward too.

“The Observing Books”

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