What to See in the Summer Sky: The Moon, Planets and Deep Sky Objects for July, August and September

This is your guide to the Moon, Planets and Deep Sky Objects this summer! We will take a look at what the summer sky has to offer for July, August and September. This includes, the Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Vega, Hercules, the Milky Way and many more! App: SkySafari 6 Plus Music: “Chilltronic” by RKVC “The […]

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Expanding My Observing Programs

Last year, I wrote about my first steps into the world of Astronomical League Observing Programs. Having recently completed the “Lunar” program, I decided to expand my observing books to also include: “Northern Skies Constellation Program” I am not very good with names. Be it people or stars. This observing program should help to familiarize […]

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Year One of the Messier List

A year after beginning the Astronomical League’s Messier Observing Program,  I have completed half of the list. With 55 objects down and 55 to go, it has been a wonderful year of deep-sky observations. I anticipate the second half to go a bit slower than the first. Two factors will contribute to this. The first […]

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A New Beginning in Observing

Upon receiving my telescope in 2009, I decided to start keeping a list of astronomical observations. From that, LateNightAstronomy was born. Through this website, I have listed over 125 objects (including the Earth) on pages such as “What I’ve Viewed” and “Nightly News”. While, I will be continuing to list objects and nightly events in […]

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Top 5 Spring Astronomy Objects

Winter is cold!  Whenever I conjure up enough bravery to observe during the cold late and early months of the year I can’t help but think of the poor kid in “A Christmas Story” who horrifically froze his tongue to the freezing pole. Now, I’m not suggesting that amateur astronomers are constantly licking their telescopes, but there have been a few […]

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Deep-Sky List: Supernova Remnants

The sky is filled with many wonders.  While the universe is encapsulated with incredible examples of beauty through creation it is also filled with examples of beauty through death.  Planetary nebula or supernova remnants are the expanding aftermath or shock wave of a star that has recently exploded at the end of its life cycle.   However, in death […]

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Deep-Sky List: Stars & Star Clusters

Every amateur astronomer needs a list.  Going out and blindly observing, without any idea of what you’re looking at, is enjoyable for a while, but wears thin overtime.  Compiling a variety of objects to view will help to hone your skills while making the most effective use of those few nights with exceptional seeing conditions.  […]

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