Orion XT8i Review

Video Review Written Review From China to Virginia After a worldwide journey from the mass production factories of China, to Orion’s Headquarters in California, the Orion XT8i ended its journey at my house.  Shipped in two packages, one containing the base with the other containing the optical tube, finder scope, two eye pieces and Computerized […]

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iPhone Telescope Adapter

If you are looking for a basic starting point in astrophotography, a smartphone eyepiece adapter may be a good option. These adapters along with a dobsonian or other non-tracking telescope can provide nice video and images of the Moon and Planets. I’ve found that it is best to connect the adapter to the eyepiece near […]

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Book Review: “A Man on the Moon”

This past summer, while reading Ron Chernow’s “Washington: A Life” a sudden thought came to me: “I’d really like to read a book on the Apollo program.” Maybe it was the patriotism, heroism and difficulty Washington experienced throughout his life that spurred these thoughts towards Apollo. Or, maybe I just think a lot about space. Either way, I was sure that when […]

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