Let’s Set a Course for the Andromeda Galaxy

We’re going to travel 2.5 Million Light Years to one of our closest galactic neighbors, the beautiful Andromeda Galaxy! Visible with the naked eye from dark sites, the core comes alive with a pair of binoculars and a telescope. This image I took consists of two hours worth of data and reveals the spiral arms extending from the dense bright core! Have you been out to see or image Andromeda lately?

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If you’re interested in taking pictures like this, check out my videos on Astrophotography! “Best DSLR Settings for Astrophotography: 5 Steps to Improve Your Image” https://youtu.be/fbGEfS-xaQo

“How to take Light, Flat, Bias & Dark Calibration Frames for Astrophotography” https://youtu.be/u6Zk_LQDOD8

“DeepSkyStacker Tutorial: A Beginners Guide for Astrophotography” https://youtu.be/CBNCuXB9Gx4

“PixInsight Tutorial | How to Use the Best Astrophotography Software | Starring the Orion Nebula” https://youtu.be/CZSVCNX8Ow8

Equipment: Canon SL2, CLS Filter, Samyang 135mm, F/2.8, iOptron Skyguider Pro
Frames Captured: 95 Separate 75 Second Light Frames Stacked to 2 Hours 106 Flat Frames,135 Bias Frames, 83 Dark Frames
Processing: DeepSkyStacker & PixInsight

“The heavens declare the glory of God”-Psalm 19:1

#Astrophotography #Astronomy #Andromeda

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