A Journey to the Veil Nebula in 4K

The hauntingly beautiful remnants of a supernova explosion that occurred over 5,000 years ago are what we call the Veil Nebula. At an estimated distance of roughly 2,000 light years, this image was taken with a CLS light pollution filter attached to my DSLR. Be sure to use an O-III filter to help view this faint object visually through a telescope.

If you’re interested in taking pictures like this, check out my videos on Astrophotography!

“Best DSLR Settings for Astrophotography: 5 Steps to Improve Your Image” https://youtu.be/fbGEfS-xaQo

“How to take Light, Flat, Bias & Dark Calibration Frames for Astrophotography” https://youtu.be/u6Zk_LQDOD8

“DeepSkyStacker Tutorial: A Beginners Guide for Astrophotography” https://youtu.be/CBNCuXB9Gx4

“PixInsight Tutorial | How to Use the Best Astrophotography Software | Starring the Orion Nebula” https://youtu.be/CZSVCNX8Ow8

Equipment: Canon SL2, CLS Filter, Samyang 135mm, F/2.8, iOptron Skyguider Pro Frames Captured: 150 Separate 75 Second Light Frames Stacked to 3 Hours and 6 Minutes of Data 100 Flat Frames,100 Bias Frames, 100 Dark Frames
Processing: DeepSkyStacker & PixInsight

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“The heavens declare the glory of God”-Psalm 19:1

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