Live Updates: Curiosity Lands on Mars

We will be bringing live updates throughout the night, during this exciting event!

Here is a great overview of what will happen.

12:12am-NASA has just cut communications with Curiosity, making it entirely on its own for the duration of the landing.

12:30am-Navigation report from Curiosity shows that all is well.

12:35am-Here is a really cool website that gives a CGI view of what is going on with Curiosity.

1:14am-Cruise stage seperation has just occured.

1:16am-The vehicle is traveling at nearly 12,000 miles per hour and is 2,000 miles from Mars.

1:24am-Curiosity has entered the Martian atmosphere.

1:28am-Parachute has deployed and heatshield has seperated!

1:31am-Curiosity has landed!

1:35am-First image received!

It’s really moving to see all of the people who have dedicated so many years of their life to this moment celebrating! It’s just incredible to me that it all worked!

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