Shuttle Atlantis Cleared For Landing

Nearing completion of its historic last mission, the Space Shuttle Atlantis is schedule for wheels down around 5:56am Thursday morning at Cape Canaveral. With the Space Station resupplied, Atlantis undocked on July 19th for its return journey home.

During its mission the crew of a Russian Soyuz Space Craft, leaving the ISS, took this rare picture of the Space Shuttle docked with the Space Station.

Be sure to catch live coverage of the Shuttle’s return to Earth tomorrow morning. Sadly, I’ve checked the Space Shuttle tracking websites and it appears the shuttle will be to low on the horizon to view from my vantage point in Virginia. Be sure to double check where you live, this will be the last time to see the “star” of the Space Shuttle fly over.
Space Station and Shuttle Fly Over Website 

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