Star Log: March 20, 2010

After a late Friday night, I awoke at noon on Saturday and walked over for brunch to find around a hundred people standing outside of the Colket Center with two fire trucks near by.  Thankfully all was well, save for a minor fire in the kitchen area.  Lauren returned from her trip to Boston later […]

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Star Log: March 19, 2010

A busy yet enjoyable week of student teaching made the warm weather and clear skies of Friday all the more welcoming.  With Lauren off on a trip to Boston presenting a scholarly journal essay on the Chicano movement and perfectly clear skies out, not observing would be near criminal negligence  (See: Section 4 paragraph 8 […]

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Star Log: March 6, 2010

A beautiful Saturday with temperatures in the mid 50’s led way to an exceptionally clear night here in Clifton Forge.  Going from the light polluted skies of Roanoke to the dark skies of the county never ceases to amaze.  After washing my car (long over due) and working on some lesson plans, I decided to […]

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Clear Skies Are Back

Warm weather and clear skies have finally moved into the Roanoke area.  (Warm weather of course meaning temperatures in the high 30’s)  After weeks of nasty snow storms and consistently cold weather “Clear Skies Are Back”.  With this warmer weather comes the opportunity to finally extensively use my Orion XT8i Telescope.  I’ve only been able […]

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