The Moon in 4K

Sit back, relax and give yourself some space with beautiful 4K video of our closest neighbor, the Moon! As I started to record with my iPhone X some clouds began to pass over and created an interesting view that I decided to keep in the video. If you enjoyed this please consider liking the video, […]

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How to Align a Finder Scope in 3 Easy Steps. Important Telescope Maintenance!

In today’s video we will take a look at 3 easy steps to align the finder scope for your telescope. A properly aligned finder scope will greatly decrease your frustration and increase the amount of objects you can find in during a night of observing! Follow Late Night Astronomy on:

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How to find Jupiter this Summer

This summer we will have some incredible views of our largest planet in the solar system, Jupiter. In today’s video we are going to take a look at when and where you need to look to find this planet from June through September. After this we will talk about the most useful magnifications to view […]

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I Built a PC For Astrophotography

In this video, I’ll show you my first PC build dedicated to astrophotography and video editing. It was a great experience putting this system together and I hope this video helps you figure out what might work best for a similar build of your own. Here are all of the specific parts for this build: […]

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Let’s Observe Venus Together

Tonight, we are going to go out and observe one of the brightest objects in the night sky, Venus. This is a fairly easy and enjoyable sight to see through binoculars, telescope or just the naked eye. Please join me as we explore this beautiful target in the night sky and let me know about […]

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How to find Comet Atlas

This April and May, Comet Atlas has the potential to be one of the greatest sites in astronomy. In this video, I’ll take you through “SkySafari Plus” to show you what parts of the sky Comet Atlas will be traveling through as it makes it’s closest approach to Earth on May 23rd. What better way […]

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