The Night Sky: October, November & December 2020: Mars Opposition, Meteor Showers & More

I’ll walk you through the best views of Meteor Showers, the Moon, Planets and Deep Sky Objects this fall. Regardless of your equipment, we’ve got something here for you to experience. From the opposition of Mars on October 13th to the Geminid Meteor Shower on December 13th and Deep Sky Objects like the Andromeda Galaxy, […]

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Testing the Waters of Galaxy Hunting

Upon completion of cataloging four constellations Saturday night, I realized that five galaxies needed for my Messier observing book lay in Constellation Leo. Galaxies have been quite frustrating from the confines of suburban skies. Yet, with a steady atmosphere and the Moon yet to rise, I thought an attempt at these wouldn’t hurt. Star jumping […]

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Exploring the Early Spring Sky

Returning to Deep-sky objects Even though Roanoke County has a decent amount of light pollution, probably a 4 or 5 on the Bortle Scale, there are still a great deal of Galaxies, Star Clusters and Nebula visible in the night sky. These DSOs (Deep-sky objects), provide challenging yet rewarding targets for most amateur astronomers. With the assistance of Skysafari 4’s “Tonight’s […]

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Star Log: March 6, 2010

A beautiful Saturday with temperatures in the mid 50’s led way to an exceptionally clear night here in Clifton Forge.  Going from the light polluted skies of Roanoke to the dark skies of the county never ceases to amaze.  After washing my car (long over due) and working on some lesson plans, I decided to […]

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