Back to the Future: The 1991 AMT USS Enterprise Model

There are some moments I reflect back upon throughout my life and wonder “why did I do that?” Today I would like to concentrate on one of the more serious examples. You see in 1991, at the ripe old age of 5, I received a model of the USS Enterprise featured in the recently released Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. Dad and I, using our combined model building expertise, glued the pieces, applied the paint and placed the decals on this 22″ replica of one of the most famous star ships in movie history. As the story goes, a few years later, I broke one of the warp nacelles and never placed it back together. The model was thrown away either by myself or my parents soon there after. Watching old home videos from the early to mid 90’s, I would occasionally see the Enterprise standing tall on my dresser and think “why did I throw that thing away?” Not only is it a collectors item, but it was also one of those childhood toys that I wish I had saved for nostalgia’s sake and also because, lets just be honest here, it looks really cool. Fast forward to Christmas 2009. My parents in all their love and compassion (and an e-mailed link to ebay from myself) got me the 1991 AMT USS Enterprise model I had received all those years ago. Shortly after completing it and applying the movie accurate decals I bought from an online store in Florida, I decided that I needed to repair one of the warp nacelles because it didn’t quite accurately tilt the correct angle. While doing this, I dropped the model and broke off both nacelles, in a tragic case of deja vu.

This time however, I did not trash the model but instead attempted to bring it back to its proper glory. After several failed attempts of using model glue to hold up the nacelles, I decided that the only thing strong enough to support their weight was “Might Putty” (RIP Billy Mays). The problem was I could not find mighty putty anywhere. That is, until I entered “Everything Under the Sun: Flee Market” while on vacation in North Myrtle Beach last week. There I found my savior, mighty putty, in all its glory. Returning home, a bit apprehensive and suspicious of its claims, I applied the mighty putty, let it set over night and was amazed that it worked just as good ole Billy had stated. (I never should have doubted you)

As a child I had always wanted to film and recreate scenes from the Star Trek movies using my model. Now, 20 years later, using a newly rebuilt model, an HD camera and some blue screen Holly Wood magic, I have recreated a few scenes from Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

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