“Houston, we have an Engagement”

After 2 and a half years of dating, Christmas Eve was a very special night for Lauren and I.  On that night we became “engaged”.
Lauren, wrote beautifully about how wonderful the night was and I could never top her eloquence in describing  it.  All I can say is that she is my best friend, the love of my life and I know our life together will be filled with excitement, laughter and love.

After I proposed to Lauren, we exchanged gifts, including one that she had been very excited and nervous about because of its very late arrival to the Salem post office just a few hours earlier that Christmas Eve.  After opening some really nice gifts (Hook Soundtrack, Enterprise Bottle Opener, Nice Sweater Vest) I came to the mysterious package that had just arrived hours earlier.  What could it be?  As I opened it, my curiosity turned to sheer excitement as I saw that Lauren had bought me the book “Lost Moon”. No way, I thought to myself.  There is no way she did what I think she did.  A dozen thoughts ran through my head!  He doesn’t do that anymore?  I had checked several times, and I know he doesn’t do this sort of thing.  As I opened the book my heart began to race as I turned the page and read “To Michael, Best Wishes Jim Lovell”.  She had done it!  My favorite astronaut, one of the heroes of Apollo 13, a living legend of the Classic NASA Era had personally signed his book for me.

While there was never any doubt in my mind as to the decision I had made earlier in the evening in proposing to Lauren, this gift made me all the more aware of how amazingly thoughtful she is and how incredible our life will be together.

One thought on ““Houston, we have an Engagement”

  1. This is very sweet. And I love how this one gift verified your engagement decision 🙂 Haha. We will proudly display it in our house for years to come!

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