Mmmm, Grilled Cheese Sandwhiches

Oh, how time flies when you are graduating from College, looking for a job and moving back home for the Summer.  Yes,believe it or not, I am a college graduate.  Well technically I graduated in December of 09, but it doesn’t really count until you walk across the stage to shake President Maxey’s hand.  Holding graduation outside is always a gamble, luckily for us this year the weather was nice, if not a bit hot at times (especially around the second or third honorary doctorate being handed out).  Having Lauren’s and my family’s together is something I wish could happen more often and our time together at graduation was really enjoyable.

After the festivities, reality began to sink in and the part of our class President’s speech proclaiming “Oh crap, what now” became a reality.  Thankfully, I have parents who are willing to take people off the streets and house them in their nicely furnished basement with its Star Trek posters and pre arranged action figures (what a coincidence, I know).  So, for the past month I have been moving back in and reorganizing/trashing/yard selling old school papers, collectors items and very random stuff that I don’t know why I saved (geometry notebooks, seriously).  On top of that, I have been applying for history teacher positions in multiple counties in Va while substitute teaching at the local elementary and high school which has been good experience and income.

Well, Lauren and I are hungry and are going to go cook some grilled cheese sandwiches.
That’s all I have to say about that!

One thought on “Mmmm, Grilled Cheese Sandwhiches

  1. I’m glad your rooming situation ended up so nicely. I wish my parents had the heart to house me in a room with a Captain Kirk cardboard cutout and Star Trek model plates, but hey, I guess you can’t have everything. The grilled cheeses were good until we burned the bacon! My face resembled that girl’s the whole time.

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